Mac has got guitar chops up the wazoo, as we say, and he can sing an old ragtime hokum tune with a just the right bit of cheek and playfulness. Outside North Carolina it doesn't get much better than this!
Mary Elen Leibowitz

Hi! Great to meet you!

Guitar Retreat Sessions - 2pm (CET) every Saturday until July 3rd 2021.
This time suits best people who live in Europe, but if I get inquiries from the US or elsewhere, we can arrange something.
Retreat Sessions are free of charge, apply here


In the case of an Online Event:

  • DAY 1 - July 24h 2020 (Saturday)
  • DAY 2 - July 25th 2020 (Sunday)
The playing hours are between 09:00 - 17:00 divided into various sessions.

In the case of a "In Real Life" events:
  • Group 1: July 23-25th 2021
  • Group 2: July 26-28th 2021

Prices TBA

Christmas Guitar Retreat 2021 - Online or IRL!
  • The date for 2021 is Saturday Dec. 11th
  • The times are between 09:00 - 15:00 filled with new songs and licks!
Attendance Fee: SEK595:- (€55) for nearly 6 hours of fun!

If we'll meet "In Real Life" then the dates are Sat.11th to Sunday Dec 12th 2021.
The Christmas Retreat starts at 3pm on Saturday and ends at 3 pm on Sunday.
  • Please register for our mailing list and you will be notified on time.
Apply for the Christmas Retreat 2021 here

Also online:
If you cannot make it to the official Retreat dates, I offer individual or small group guitar lessons upon request, I call this "Mac Attack", a 4 hour long workshop that's turbo-charged with new skills _you_ want to learn, inspiration, optional video & audio recordings of the session and more. Please contact me for more info.

Homesick Mac's rendition of "Doc's Guitar" by Doc Watson
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    Blues Trio - a killer live act!

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    Sliding during the Malmö City Festival

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    Please visit the Sanden Guitars website
"Homesick Mac sings blues and traditional country tunes in a southern baritone as rich as molasses; his fingerpicking calls to mind Doc Watson, among others; and listening to Leaving, it is difficult to believe that he is a Yugoslav (now living in Sweden) who has never set foot in the US. But Mac has absorbed American musical idioms so well that he doesn't merely imitate Watson on "Deep River Blues," but takes the blueprint and runs with it. Exemplified by the title track, which could pass for a 70-year-old country blues standard, Mac's originals bespeak an artist contributing his own voice to the story and deserving greater recognition in the music's birthplace". (Vertical Jazz,
Ian Zack, Acoustic Guitar Magazine, USA