Homesick Mac's Guitar Retreats 2021

Guitar Retreats 2021

The 10th annual Homesick Mac’s Guitar Retreat 2021 will be held "In Real Life" on:

  • Oct. 8-10th 2021 (Friday-Sunday) at Backafallsbyn, Island of Ven, Sweden

This years attendance fees are:
Accommodation: SEK 3.620:- where all lodging and food is included between Friday evening and Sunday lunchtime.
Tuition fee: SEK 2.000:-

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Thanks a million for the sponsorship from Jansson & Partners law firm (great music lovers) and Sensus Study Association, not to forget the best acoustics in the world - Sandén Guitars

Christmas Guitar Retreat 2021 - Online or In Real Life!
We're planning for the Saturday/Sunday 11th-12th of December 2021
Attendance Fee: SEK595:- (€55) for nearly 6 hours of tuition fun during two days.
Accommodation costs are separate.
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I'm usually organising my Guitar Retreat at the island of Ven in southern Sweden. Because of the COVID-19 situation, we're still keeping all "open" for any sudden changes. In the case of new restrictions, the Retreat will be held online.
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Thank you!

Please read the participants evaluations from the previous years here

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    Island of Ven, Sweden

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    Group 2, Retreat 2012

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    Late night jam….

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    The bungalows where we stayed at

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    View from the port

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    Waiting for the meals after at whole day's work

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