SUNDAY MAY 12th 2019

ROOM K33 - second floor
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  • 12:00-12:30 Homesick Mac - Sandén guitars

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    Presentation and demo of acoustic guitars made by master luthier Michael Sandén.

    Homesick Mac has been playing
    Sandén Guitars since 1995, cooperating with Michael Sandén on many occasions - trade shows, music fairs, co-arranging acoustic guitar festivals, travelling through Scandinavia, Germany, England, Scotland, Ireland…

    Mac will be presenting several of the new Sandén models (Roots Series) as well as his own custom made SRB and Baritone signature model guitars.
    Business as usual - blues, hokum, folk, hillbilly country and more will be performed.

    Photo: Göran Persson/Fotografen i Helsingborg
  • 13:00-13:30 Blues Fingerstyle Basics/crash course

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    Homesick Mac will be showing the basics of fingerstyle blues.

    Are you an electric player for years but love acoustic blues? Put away your flatpicks and dive into the world of blues picking in the styles of Brownie McGhee, Blind Boy Fuller, early Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson and other greats.

    Homesick Mac will give you practical tips on developing a good fingerstyle technique within days, give it a try!
  • 14:00-14:45 Salomon Jakobsson-fingerstyle & beyond!

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    Salomon Jakobsson (website) - interview and guitar & rig run through with this intriguing modern acoustic player. We'll talk about his playing techniques, life, musicianship, connection with Ibanez and No1 guitar shop in Gothenburg.

    There will also be an acoustic guitar strings giveaway sponsored by
    Crafton Music, leading distributor of musical instruments and accessories.
  • 15:30-16:15 True Temperament/Tanglewood Giveaway

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    True Temperament

    Presenting the True Temperament (
    website) fretting system for electric and acoustic guitars, interviewing Anders Thidell, the designer and founder of the company.
    The system is a revolutionary new way to construct guitar fingerboards which tune accurately along the whole neck. A demonstration acoustic guitar will be shown.

    Tanglewood Guitar Giveaway by JAM Guitars

    We'll be finishing off the 2019 FUZZ Guitar Show with the annual giveaway of an acoustic guitar by Tanglewood. Please collect your coupon at the entrance, from us in the Get Acoustic room as well as at the JAM Guitars booth.