Homesick Mac's Guitar Retreats 2019

Summer Retreat 2019

The 8th annual Homesick Mac’s Guitar Retreat 2019 will be held on:
  • JULY 26th - 28th 2019 (Friday-Sunday) for Group 1
  • JULY 29th - 31st 2019 (Monday-Wednesday) for Group 2

We'll do out best to be able to book the singer/songwriter Maria Stille again. She might join us again, this time for some additional individual vocal coaching in each of the groups. All participants will be able to book an own workshop with Maria and improve their singing technique. Please allow to the late sprig of 2019 for the confirmation of this module.
There is another idea regarding Maria's participation, since she's a part of the "Delmore Sessions" duo with Homesick Mac - we might do a workshop about arranging music for small ensembles.

Maria is one of the hardest working pros in southern Sweden, being regarded as a great interpreter of early jazz, hillbilly, Texas Swing, country, blues, you name it..
Thanks a million for the sponsorship from Jansson & Partners law firm (great music lovers) and Sensus Study Association.

We have tested the new module during the Retreat 2018 and we'll be back with the Songwriting Sessions in 2019!

Please subscribe to our mailing list, we send 2-3 emails a year (only, really...) and we'll let you know what's in the plans.

I'm organising my Guitar Retreat at the island of Ven in southern Sweden. You're welcome to use the info & application form to let me know which dates you're interested in participating. You can also send me a random message from here.

Thank you!

Please read the participants evaluations from the previous years here

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    Island of Ven, Sweden

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    Group 2, Retreat 2012

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    Late night jam….

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    The bungalows where we stayed at

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    View from the port

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    Waiting for the meals after at whole day's work

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